Contenu – Results in 5 – 30 Minutes Without Traffic & Without Ever Selling or Promoting a Thing!!

Contenu – Results in 5 – 30 Minutes Without Traffic & Without Ever Selling or Promoting a Thing!!

Contenu…what’s it all about??

Check out the sales page here

As you can see from the sales page the headline says “are you sick and tired of complicated software and systems which fail to generate actual result? Watch the world’s first smart system app generate passive income from instant content in three clicks daily results in 30 minutes no cost, no selling, no traffic required!”

So this is kind of an ambitious headline I would say but it’s kind of true because as you will see when we get inside of the members area and when I will show you the app itself it actually doesn’t require you to sell anything it doesn’t require for you to generate traffic really there no costs involved or paid ads actually and it actually takes probably like 30 minutes a day so this headline is pretty much bang on the money…well, except the click count – you can’t do much in 3 clicks!!

Contenu is 100% newbie friendly and it’s completely true, no selling or promotion required. There are case studies and trackable results you can check out on the page here

No traffic generation required as that is exactly what Contenu will help you with, it creates completely unique content for your site which will crank you right up to the top of Google at no additional costs and get your site to a position where you can monetize in no time with next to no input from you!

There will be 3 simple steps basically to get off the ground with Contenu,

  1. Enter a keyword or URL this way you will find a YouTube video that you want to transcribe and basically this app automatically will transcribe that content and you will pretty much have your own post
  2. Read through the post, make sure you’re happy with the format – tweak it as needed
  3. Publish on your blog, website or on sites like Steemit to earn passive income.

What do you get??

Ok so in the members area you will basically work through the following;

  • First video is a welcome video and in this video Mark will go over this software he will go over the training and basically explain you how everything will go on from here then
  • Below this we have some tutorial videos that basically will show you how to install the software onto your WordPress blog now yes you will need a self-hosted WordPress for this software to work because it’s a WordPress plugin
  • To access this plugin you will have to click on my products and this is where you will see the products that you have access to so if you will pick up some upgrades you will see those upgrades right here but basically you will click on the product that you want and you will be redirected right here again there are some tutorial videos and stuff like that
  • There is also a 370 daily blog trick so this is basically a training how to monetize this content that you create with Contenu software and then we have another step-by-step PDF training on papers so again this is a way how you can monetize your content in a very simple way using the Steemit platform

Who is it for??

  • ANYONE who needs traffic!!..it’s that simple, so……

How else can you make money?

Other monetization methods such as Adsense and promoting offers for affiliate marketing are also viable options and in this program you get everything you need to monetize that content that you are able to generate with Contenu software

What will you need?

  • WordPress Site & Hosting
  • YouTube API key (the tutorials tell you how to get hold of this)
  • Steemit Account

What’s Steemit?

Steemit pays you for your content, the content that Contenu creates for you in no time to generate passive income from your blog.

Contenu is something you definitely need to check it out because obviously it’s pretty much automated passive income it’s definitely hands-free and it’s very very simple to start with so I definitely recommend it!!

Click here to check out the sales page…

Take it easy!

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